Boost Fund has launched!

Boost Fund has launched to provide funding for community groups supporting children and families affected by poverty in Scotland.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Boost Fund, a pioneering initiative to support community-led activity throughout Scotland. Funding is available for community-led efforts that actively address the challenges faced by children and families impacted by poverty across the nation. This year, the Boost Fund opens to constituted groups and un-constituted groups ensuring that people with ideas for positive change are supported to take them into action. Generously supported by the STV Children’s Appeal, Corra Foundation, and Comic Relief, the Boost Fund represents a collaborative effort to shift power to communities creating positive change.

Carolyn Sawers, CEO of Corra Foundation, said:

“We know the importance and power of small grants for communities looking to take their ideas into action. The Boost Fund is designed to work for communities offering quick decisions, no fixed closing date, and open to groups with or without a constitution. We are delighted to work alongside STV Children’s Appeal and Comic Relief again to launch the Boost Fund in Scotland”.

Natalie Wright, Head of the STV Children’s Appeal said:

“At the STV Children’s Appeal, our work is rooted in communities and we believe that solutions to many problems can be found within. The Boost Fund takes some of the pressure off community groups’ running costs and allows them to focus on bringing their ideas for positive change to fruition. It’s an important initiative and we’re delighted to be involved for a second year.”

The Boost Fund offers grants of £250 to £3000 to community groups across Scotland. Un-constituted groups can also apply for grants of up to £1500 to kick-start their ideas into action. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Corra Foundation website at for more information.

Applications for the Boost Fund are now open and you can apply on the Corra website.