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Annual Report 2019

In 2019, the STV Children’s Appeal committed a total of over £2.2m to support 8 Large and 208 Small Projects across the whole of Scotland impacting on over 35 thousand children families. These investments have allowed projects to leverage an additional £2.2 million, and to develop supportive networks with a variety of organisations from the statutory sector as well as the business world.

In addition, projects supported by the STV Children’s Appeal have raised over £363,000 in Income Maximisation and have recruited volunteers to a value of over £416,000.

Several of our Large Projects are now coming to the end of their period of funding from the STV Children’s Appeal allowing us the opportunity to review their progress over the life time of the investment. By demonstrating the efficacy of these models, we will influence and inform the thinking behind and the development of policies and services in respect of vulnerable families, children and young people.

It is often easy to view our work only in terms of the data and the influencing but behind all of our impact reports lies the lives of real people. I believe it is important for us to be reminded of just how important our work is to them.

Annual review 2019
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