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Annual report 2020

In a year that saw Covid-19 turn our world upside down, STV Children’s Appeal committed over £3.6m to tackling the impact of child poverty. It made more than 860 awards to children’s and young people’s projects across every Local Authority area in Scotland.

Statistics of STV Appeal's impact in 2020

“Many Charities may not survive this pandemic” explains STV Children’s Appeal Chair Baroness Ford in our Interim Report into the impact of the Appeal this year. “Many families will face poverty for the first time in their lives, the compound nature of stress upon further stress will fracture vulnerable families, and we know mental ill health is rapidly becoming the new pandemic. But STV Children’s Appeal stepped into the breach at the earliest stage”.

Thanks to the donations made to the STV Children’s Appeal, the fundraising efforts of individuals, community groups and workplaces across the country, and matched funding from Scottish Government, in 2020, we have:

  • Committed £3.6m to support 10 large projects, 4 capital projects and over 850 small projects across all 32 of Scotland’s local authority areas
  • Supported thousands of children, young people and families in need of help
  • Secured 1,378 hours of volunteer support
  • Acquired £84,000 worth of in-kind support
  • Secured £1,224,873 of additional funding for projects we supported
Annual report 2020 cover