Who We Help

Large project 2020: Street Soccer – Aberdeen Coach

Street Soccer aim to level the playing field for those experiencing poverty and disadvantage as well as anyone facing social exclusion. They work in the communities that need them most by providing support to help people achieve their potential. Through funding as a Large Project, Street Soccer will replicate their highly successful approach in Aberdeen. Their relationship-based project will provide free football and support to young people (10-16) experiencing poverty and disadvantage / who are vulnerable or ‘at risk’ as well as adults of all ages experiencing social exclusion. Despite COVID-19 slowing down their ability to launch their youth programme, Street Soccer has still managed to engage with those needing support and have made significant steps towards their goals during the pandemic.

Key achievements

  • Since joining Street Soccer: • Around 20% of smokers quit the habit
  • More people know when and how they will be getting their next meal – (up from 56.84% to 86.17%)
  • People reporting that issues in their personal life were out of their control (sometimes to always) went from over 70% to 39.36%.


Through their adult, youth and school programmes, Street Soccer help people to find a way out of homelessness, improve and develop healthy relationships, overcome addictions, and puts them on a path to employment. Young people in education who are on the fringes of, or excluded from school can access support from a trusted adult who protects, respects and advocates for their best interests and provides them with the opportunity to gain a qualification and, eventually, reintegrate with mainstream education as well as experiences they may not have been able to access before, such as organised trips and tournaments. Their Prisons Programme provides prisoners with an engaging physical exercise programme and the opportunity to gain a qualification as well as access to ongoing support and football once liberated. Street Soccer is having a profound impact on some of the most vulnerable groups in society and we are only at the start of seeing what their legacy could be through our Large Project funding.


Work is well underway as part of Street Soccer’s overall fundraising strategy to focus on Aberdeen and develop the partnerships required. Despite COVID-19 hindering their plans, good partnerships are already developing with schools, Community Food Initiatives North East (C-FINE), WorkingRite, Barnardos, Enable and Momentum.