Fundraising Heroes: Glasgow Kiltwalk

Bryan is one of our fundraising heroes who is taking on the Mighty Stride in Glasgow Kiltwalk for the Appeal. Read on to find out why he’s walking and for his fundraising and training tips.

Hi there!  My name is Bryan, I work in the STV offices and I will be taking part in the Mighty Stride for Glasgow Kiltwalk, raising funds for the STV Children’s Appeal.

Why am I taking part in the Kiltwalk? Well, I’m in my mid-40’s and after spending a decent portion of my life as a more ‘rotund’ person, it’s a good reason to get me fit!

At one point, I was as heavy as 24st, and after two years of steady eating and exercise, I lost 10.5st.  As the pandemic hit, like a lot of people I ended up with lockdown weight gain (sorry Joe Wicks!) Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not as large as I originally was, but that waist size has grown a bit again!

So the Kiltwalk is a great reason to get up off the couch, get moving and get some of that weight back off again.  But my most important reason for doing it is to help raise money for the STV Children’s Appeal.  Many families are finding it harder to make ends meet and I know that any money I can raise from doing the Kiltwalk will go to those who need it most.

I’ll be a little more prepared this time around than I was last year when I took part for the first time.  Whenever I can, I walk to and from work from my home in the East End of Glasgow.  It’s only about 3 miles each way but those steps build up and all count towards my training.  I’ve thrown in the occasional longer walk of 8-12 miles so that The Mighty Stride distance isn’t a total shock to the body!

If I can offer any advice to people taking part, that is to find those comfy boots/trainers that you’ve already done loads of walking in and use them.  You’ve worn them in and will be more comfortable in them.  Don’t decide to go buy a new pair a week or so before the walk, your feet will only hate you for it!

Do you have anti-blister socks?  Good – but again – wear them in a few times before the day. Last year, I wore mine for the first time on Kiltwalk day and ended up with a large blister on the bottom of each foot!  Not only was I walking funny that day, but I was also walking funny for a week!  Also, some Vaseline on the soles of your feet will be a treat too.  This helps to reduce the friction between your foot and the sock that could cause a blister.  Take it with you and you can top yourself up on the way along the route if need be.

Most importantly, have fun!  Yes, you’re going to be sore by the end of it but enjoy yourself as you walk along the route.  Random strangers will cheer you on, giving you that little boost when you think you’re starting to wilt.  And when you start to see the boats (oh the joy when you see them!) and hear the music coming from the Kiltwalk Village as you turn round that final corner for the finish line, you’ll know it’s all been worth it!

Good luck to everyone doing the Glasgow Kiltwalk this Sunday. You can sign up to walk for the Appeal in the Aberdeen, Dundee or Edinburgh Kiltwalks: