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Kellogg’s has joined the STV Children’s Appeal to support the 2023 Big Scottish Breakfast campaign.

Cereal giant Kellogg’s first introduced its now-iconic Corn Flakes and All Bran cereals to the British public in 1922, and since then it has firmly established itself as one of the country’s favourite breakfast brands.

We’re delighted that Kellogg’s has joined us to support this year’s Big Scottish Breakfast campaign. Kellogg’s has long been a supporter of school breakfast clubs across the UK, providing cash grants and free food to over 3000 clubs since 1998, so it’s a natural fit to partner with us.

Heather Murphy, Kellogg’s Community Engagement Manager, explains more: “We’re excited to be part of the Big Scottish Breakfast this year and support the campaign to raise money for children affected by poverty.

“Being hungry can impact children in many ways in the classroom, making them unable to concentrate. That’s why we support breakfast clubs, so that children can enter the classroom in the morning without a rumbling tummy and ready to learn.”

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