Thanks to donations to the STV Children's Appeal, we're able to support outstanding projects in all 32 local authority areas of Scotland to help children, young people and their families living in poverty and difficult circumstances.

Kacie and Sophie's stories

Being a young carer can be tough never mind having to deal with a pandemic and be socially distant from your support group. Kacie and Sophie share their stories and how they’ve been helped.

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sophie with craft

John's story

“I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s taken the stress out of Christmas and made it really special for Calum.”

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boy at christmas tree

Sarah's story

“It’s embarrassing have to ask for help. That word, poverty – there’s so much stigma around it… You want to make sure your kids have toys and their dinner.”

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girl at christmas tree

Ross' story

Autistic and non-verbal, Ross loves to run and play on his bike. But he’s struggled to understand what lockdown is and why his usual activities have had to be cancelled. Thanks to funding from STV Children’s Appeal, Ross and mum Carol have been thrown a lifeline.

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