Thanks to donations to the STV Children's Appeal, we're able to support outstanding projects in all 32 local authority areas of Scotland to help children, young people and their families living in poverty and difficult circumstances.

Annual Report 2019

Details of how your donations and support to STV Children’s Appeal made a difference in 2019 to children all over Scotland.

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Annual review 2019

Small projects

COVID-19 has brought further stress and anxiety to families with a child with low immune systems, yet all have felt extremely safe and secure in the flats provided by Calum’s Cabin. Funding from STV Children’s Appeal has provided supermarket deliveries, laundry collections, patio furniture and afternoon tea deliveries to help families cope.

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    over 850 small awards made across SCotland

    Large project 2020: Youth Scotland - growing community based youth work

    Funding from STV Children’s Appeal has provided vital support to community-based youth groups across Scotland including new training and support materials plus digital capacity building.

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        Large project 2020: Who Cares Scotland? Communities that care

        Working with Care Experienced children and young people to support them in becoming ‘care conscious’ – a position where they recognise and own their identity and can become advocates for themselves and others with Care Experience.

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          Large project 2020: Street Soccer - Aberdeen Coach

          Levelling the playing field for those experiencing poverty and disadvantage as well as anyone facing social exclusion. Thanks to STV Appeal funding, Street Soccer will replicate their highly successful approach in Aberdeen.

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            Large project 2020: Save the Children - Children's Places

            Children’s Places blends principles from family learning, community development and engagement and place-based approaches to engage and empower communities to improve the lives of young children experiencing poverty in Scotland.

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